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End of year 6 - 2020/21

Year 6 letter - Educational visit on 12 July 2021

Leaver's hoodie letter and order form







Number Day 2021! Year 6 had a fun maths filled day where we learnt about number sequences, the Fibonacci spirals and how puzzles are created using numbers. We even had a go together at the parent maths question.

Rosie tells tales! We had a fantastic interactive workshop with Rosie who helped Y6 to understand how to create empathy for characters when composing a story.

Mental Health Awareness Week! Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 10 to 16 May 2021. This year, we were invited to immerse ourselves in the '5 Ways to Wellbeing', while reconnecting with nature across the week. The areas we focused on are: • Connect • Be Active • Take Notice • Keep Learning • Give. The main activity we completed to was to build a den/camp using natural resources. We worked in teams to take notice of the environment around us and connect with each other to produce our designs. This activity also gave us the opportunity to be active and learn about the world around us.

ART - Under the theme of 'togetherness' we each designed our own cube to represent ourselves, we then joined them together to create a class piece of art. The colours and geometric design are eye-catching!

Year 6 have been enjoying our school library. We spent time in the quiet space catching up with our favourite books. We also started a book club to recommend books we have loved reading.

Science - We investigated ​meteors and impact craters; in particular we tested how the width and depth of an impact crater is effected by the size and weight of the meteor. This experiment related to the innovative work of NASA and the recent landing of the Perseverance Rover on Mars.

Additionally, we mixed milk, food colouring and washing-up liquid to visualise the bonding properties of these ingredients - the chemical reactions were fascinating to witness and gave us a better understanding of how the world works.

SCHOOL CLOSURE - online learning


Weekly Timetable - Mon 14th December 2020

Online Learning

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Art - We looked at the artist Henri Rousseau and his paintings of the rainforest. We then created our own versions of his art work, replicating his style, using oil pastels.

Geography - In our Geography lesson we researched the biomes of the world. We then worked as a group to present our findings to the class.

Black History - We studied the origins of the Notting Hill carnival and designed our own headdresses.

Our local community schools police officer, PC Simon did a fantastic workshop for Y5 and Y6 on keeping safe in our local area.

Topic - Save the rain forest. As part of our learning about the rainforest we learned about what we can do to protect the plants and animals. We produced posters in groups to share our knowledge with others.

Science - Using Microscopes. As part of our learning in Science we used microscopes to investigate gut bacteria.




2019-2020 YEAR 5



Week 12 (week beginning 29th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 11 (week beginning 22nd June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 10 (week beginning 15th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 9 (week beginning 8th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 8 (week beginning 1st June 2020 - Summer Term 2)


Optional half term Holiday Activity Pack

This is a collection of holiday activities to do inside or outside with your family. There's lots of ideas including a nature trail, snakes and ladders using your stairs, alongside some fun facts about Japan.​ The booklet is produced by GetSet Tokyo to get us ready for next year's Olympics.

Video message from Mrs Rahman

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Forest School

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Here's another easy, fun and educational nature activity! 🌿💚

This is a great way to explore shapes while interacting with nature, building spatial awareness and fine motor skills! For this easy activity, all you need are sticks and rubber bands.

First, create 2D shapes with your sticks. How many shapes can you make? What are they called? Next, make flat 3D shapes. Then, challenge yourself to make 3D models of each shape using rubber bands to connect your sticks. Finally, use your imagination to transform your models into something new (tiny houses, space ships, boats, etc.)!

Week 7 (week beginning 18th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Assembly - VE Day

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Week 6 (week beginning 11th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Video message from Jude (Forest School)

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St. Andrew's staff video message

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Week 5 (week beginning 4th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

The Baked Potato Song - by Father Edd

Week 4 (week beginning 27th April 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Video message from Mr Mason

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Week 3 (week beginning 20th April 2020)

Coronavirus - a book for children

Easter Break (6-17 March): Fun Easter activity/homework - (Optional)

Week 2 (week beginning 30th March 2020)

Week 1 (week beginning 23rd March 2020)

The Great Wave of Plastic. Year 5 were inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa to create their own artwork. We have been learning about renewable energy and the amount of pollution in our seas. We sketched and painted in collaboration to produce a striking image of a wave of plastic in the ocean. Our focus was on proportion, colour mixing and brush strokes.

Maths Investigation - As part of our maths lessons we took part in an investigation competition sponsored by explore learning and the National history museum. We worked in pairs to complete calculations, which solved clues, that in turn helped us navigate the shortest and longest routes through the museum. Two specialist maths teachers also visited to help us in completing our work.

Forces - Air resistance. We have been studying forces in our science lessons. We investigated the effects of air resistance and designed our own parachutes. We tested which design produced the slowest decent and evaluated our findings.

As part of our recent RE topic on Islam we visited Palmers Green Mosque. We saw a real copy of the Qur'an, and learnt about the significant features of the mosque. An Imam also showed us Arabic writing and explained how it is read from left to right. Geometric art is used to decorate the mosque. Muslims also pray 5 times a day.

In financial literacy lessons we had two people from Metro Bank visit us. We completed a MoneyZone booklet and then also had the opportunity to visit the bank. They showed us many safety deposit boxes and we learnt about savings, interest and budgeting.

Saxophone Concert - We have been learning a number of songs and developing our ability to read music. It was great fun to show our parents our newly learnt skills.

Forest School - This term we have been going to the forest to extend our learning in science and explore the world around us.