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'Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God' Micah 6 : 8

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Year 3 Peace








We had a drama workshop based on the poem the Night Before Christmas. We had fun joining in with actions and phrases during the poem. We also enjoyed acting out Father Christmas and the reindeer visiting a family on the night before Christmas!

This half term we were learning about the Great Plague. We watched a performance from a visiting drama group all about The Great Plague and joined in with parts of the performance. We then worked in groups to create our own short drama scenes using the information we had learnt about The Great Plague.

In Science we have been learning about animals including humans. We dissected owl pellets to investigate what type of food owls eat and found lots of exciting things! We found out that owls eat small mammals! We know this because we found bones in the owl pellets and matched them to a bone chart.

Our African drumming workshop for Black History Month. Mila taught us the rhythms by saying them first and then using different methods to play them on the drums. We then learnt a traditional song which was really interesting. We really enjoyed taking part and joining in with some of the actions during the songs.

In RE we have been looking at the question 'what is the Bible's big story?'. We have thought about lots of the different stories and types of book within the Bible. When we were learning about the word gospel, we found out that it means good news. Jesus used parables to share how we should live. We wrote, rehearsed and performed a modern day parable in small groups.

Our forests of calm - We listened to the book Breathe and Be by Kate Coombs. We talked about some of the ways we can be mindful and how useful it can be to spend time in nature. We then created our own forest of calm using our choice of equipment from oil pastels, pencils, felt tips and tissue paper.









End of year 3 - 2020-2021

Our sports day

Pictures from our park trip - It was very fun!

We really enjoyed making our Mayan masks.

Dance workshop - We had so much fun dancing to the music!

Mental Health Awareness Week - This year's theme was connecting with nature. We really enjoyed cloud gazing and sketching what we could see.

Computing - This half term in computing we have been making a 'journey inside a computer'. We have learnt about the different components of a computer and their functions, as well as understanding the role of inputs and outputs.

Science Week!


In Year 3 we really enjoyed Science week! We did lots of experiments – some of which worked better than others but that is all part of how to work scientifically. Our favourite activities have been making ice cream in a bag and having a chance to erupt the volcanoes we made before Christmas. The ice cream was tricky to make, we had to shake a bag with cream, sugar, vanilla and ice in it for a long time! The ice cream was very tasty though so it was worth it. The volcanoes looked amazing when they erupted and they made lots of mess in our classroom! It was a really fun first week back and we  look forward to doing some more activities in the future.

Science week in Year 3

Online Learning

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In our first weeks back we focused on mindfulness. We used the story Ruby's Worry to explore this. We made worry monsters like the one Ruby has in the story. We also thought about our hopes and dreams for the future and made dreamcatchers for them.

Black History Week English lessons - We learnt about barriers people had faced because of their race and used hotseating to explore this.

Black History Week - We learnt about African drumming and had fun giving it a go. The drums were very loud!

We enjoyed showing Year 5 what we learnt about black history. We showed them our protest signs and shared some speeches with them.


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2019-2020 YEAR 2



Week 12 (week beginning 29th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 11 (week beginning 22nd June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 10 (week beginning 15th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 9 (week beginning 8th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Week 8 (week beginning 1st June 2020 - Summer Term 2)


Optional half term Holiday Activity Pack

This is a collection of holiday activities to do inside or outside with your family. There's lots of ideas including a nature trail, snakes and ladders using your stairs, alongside some fun facts about Japan.​ The booklet is produced by GetSet Tokyo to get us ready for next year's Olympics.

Video message from Mrs Rahman

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Forest School

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Here's another easy, fun and educational nature activity! πŸŒΏπŸ’š

This is a great way to explore shapes while interacting with nature, building spatial awareness and fine motor skills! For this easy activity, all you need are sticks and rubber bands.

First, create 2D shapes with your sticks. How many shapes can you make? What are they called? Next, make flat 3D shapes. Then, challenge yourself to make 3D models of each shape using rubber bands to connect your sticks. Finally, use your imagination to transform your models into something new (tiny houses, space ships, boats, etc.)!

Week 7 (week beginning 18th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Assembly - VE Day

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Week 6 (week beginning 11th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Video message from Jude (Forest School)

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St. Andrew's staff video message

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Week 5 (week beginning 4th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

The Baked Potato Song - by Father Edd

Week 4 (week beginning 27th April 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Video message from Mr Mason

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Week 3 (week beginning 20th April 2020)

Coronavirus - a book for children

Easter Break (6-17 March): Fun Easter activity/homework - (Optional)

Week 2 (week beginning 30th March 2020)

Week 1 (week beginning 23rd March 2020)

We really enjoy Mr Mason's maths group!

In science we have been learning about the properties and uses of different materials. We grouped them according to their properties!

We visited our local library, where the librarian read a story to us and we checked out our own books!

Our topic this term is 'Africa'. We had a visit from a professional African drummer, Abbass. We played the dgembe, sang and danced to African music. It was an amazing experience!

Based on our topic, 'Living things and their habitats', Year 2 explored the school grounds to look for Micro-habitats

In Maths, we had a lot of fun telling time to Quater past, half past and Quarter to!

For the topic on 'Plastic Pollution', Year 2 researched the different oceans around the World!

Year 2 experimented and observed the effects of different drinks on teeth! They then wrote instructions on how to brush their teeth effectively.

Year 2 visited the local Synagogue as part of their learning on Judaism! They enjoyed the Challah bread and the grape juice.