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'Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God' Micah 6 : 8

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Year 1 Compassion








Community: In Year 1, we have been exploring the theme of 'love' with the residents of the Southgate Beaumont Care Home residents. We filled our own personalised baubles with the items or objects we love and wrote a note for the residents explaining why those objects were special for us. In return, Zoe brought and shared the residents' baubles containing their special objects. Zoe told us about the residents and how they are looking forward to meet us soon!

PSHE- Children's Mental Health Week. In Year 1, we have been exploring different emotions and feelings and have been identifying some strategies to support our emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Here we are making our worry dolls. It was so much fun!

Maths- In Maths, we have been exploring the concept of division and how important it is to share equally and fairly. With our partners, we decorated our pizzas with toppings which were shared equally and fairly!

ICT- In ICT, we have been learning about the importance of clear instructions. We planned our rocket designs on sketchpad and drew simple instructions to follow to make a rocket. We then collected different materials and used them to design and build our rockets by following the instructions we drew. It was an amazing experience!

Science: In science, we have been learning about the different parts of the body which are responsible for different senses. Here we are exploring our sense of smell, smelling different types of scents and odours.

Maths- In Year 1, we always try to deepen and consolidate our knowledge of number and place value using different strategies and resources. Here we are learning all different ways a number can be represented using different objects and manipulatives and how to write that number in words. We then we discussed what one more and one less of that number is or if we really wanted to challenge ourselves, what 10 more or 10 less of that number would be.

Computing- In Year 1, we have learnt all about Algorithms! Algorithms are a clear set of instructions and are a vital component for computer programming. We pretended to be robots and our programmer friend gave us algorithms for wearing our jumpers to follow, but they had to be clear and precise! We then dressed up our dolls by following the algorithms that our partners gave us. It was a lot of fun!

Anti-Bullying Week. In Year 1, we have been learning about the emotions/ feelings experienced by others in different and difficult situations. We discussed various scenarios, acted them out and then identified which emotions might be experienced by individual people. We also discussed and shared strategies where we can provide help and support to others and show kindness, in line with our school values

Christmas Explorer Drama Workshop- We had a lot of fun taking part in the West End drama Worksop. Tom read us the story, ‘The night before Christmas’ and we went deep into our imagination pretending to be various characters in different settings. It was a great experience!

Forest School- We have had a really fun time in forest school! We have been exploring the outdoors and have been learning about the different kinds and parts of a plant. We didn't mind getting muddy because we were having a great time!

Black History Month- For black history month, we had an African drumming session with a professional drummer, who taught us about the history and importance of drumming in the African culture. We all learnt some amazing notes and played them on our very own drums! We had so much fun!

What makes a good friend? In PSHE, we have been learning about who our friends are and which qualities good friends have such as kindness, honesty and a caring attitude. We shared who our friends are with Octi the Octopus and why they are so special to us. We then made our friendship dolls having those attributes. Indeed, a friend in need is a friend indeed!







End of year 1 - 2020-2021

We had an amazing day at the park and spotted some suspicious creatures around the park :)

In Maths, we have been learning about fractions of shapes and quantities!

Sports Week! We had so much fun during sports week, especially Sports Day!

To celebrate our learning on the Royal Family, we had an exciting Royal Ball. We all dressed up and it was so much fun!

Wellbeing week- Colours of nature- Year 1 have been exploring the theme of 'nature where we painted our sceneries.

Science- We have been learning about the parts and organs of the human body

Science- We have been exploring our senses through different experiments and activities. We had so much fun!

Computing- We have been working on improving our hand eye co-ordination skills and making portraits using Sketch pad.

Science Week- We have been really busy conducting some very exciting science experiments!

Forest of calm- We have been collecting various natural materials from our nature walk and designing our very own forest of calm to explore, soothe and relax our senses!

Colourful emotions- In Year 1, we have been identifying our emotions and have been using different colours to display them!

Year 1 self isolation letter

Email your Year 1 teacher at

SCHOOL CLOSURE - online learning


Weekly Timetable - Mon 14th December 2020

Online Learning

click on link below to go to online learning page of the website






Maths- We have been learning about different 2D shapes and their properties.We analysed the different shapes in a football pitch and even drew our own football pitches! We had so much fun!

Maths- We have been using manipulatives in class to learn about addition and write our own number sentences.

Around the World- We converted our classroom to an aeroplane and travelled around the World with our boarding passes. We also had some refreshments and planned what to put in our suitcases. It was so much fun!

Black History Month - We used laptops to research about our focus personality, Ainsley Harriott. Did you know that he has received an MBE!

Black History Month - We followed Ainsley Harriott's recipe of Festive Cous cous salad and enjoyed preparing and eating the healthy salad! We really enjoyed it!











2019-2020 Reception

Our Class Value is Courage. 


End of Year Expectations

Week 12 (week beginning 29th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

A Prayer from Fr Ed

Dear God,
During this time of lockdown,
Please help us to think about others and their needs.
Help us to be kind and helpful.
Give us the courage to talk openly about our feelings
So that together, we can grow stronger and closer.


Week 11 (week beginning 22nd June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

A prayer on Justice - Fr Ed


Loving God,

You have called us to work for true justice in our communities
and to be messengers of freedom
for all who are not treated as your children.

Give us grace to put our faith into action
to end the violence and cruelty that overshadows many children’s lives.
Jesus taught us to welcome children and learn from them.

May we use our imagination to put ourselves in children’s shoes
and learn to teach and guide them with wisdom,
gentleness and understanding.

Let us treat each child as we would treat the Christ child.


Week 10 (week beginning 15th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)


Alternative materials you can use are, salt instead of sand. You can even use water colour/poster paint if you do not have any ink and if you do not have any feathers, storks or paintbrushes can be used. 


Have fun and please send me your finished pieces on Tapestry laugh

Have a go at these questions :D

Week 9 (week beginning 8th June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Here is a prayer from Fr Ed

God of compassion,

at this time of crisis,

we bring before you the peoples of our country and the world.

We ask for your blessing and strength for those working tirelessly to protect and save life.

We pray especially for vulnerable children and young people who are at greater risk during this time:

those who are not safe at home;

those who may be plunged into even greater poverty;

those whose fragile mental health may worsen;

those who feel abandoned and alone.

Draw near to all who suffer in mind, body or spirit.

We also pray for all the adults as they find new ways to support these young people in challenging circumstances.

Please bless their efforts and keep all with whom we work safe from harm.

We ask this in the precious name of Jesus.


Optional half term Holiday Activity Pack

This is a collection of holiday activities to do inside or outside with your family. There's lots of ideas including a nature trail, snakes and ladders using your stairs, alongside some fun facts about Japan.​ The booklet is produced by GetSet Tokyo to get us ready for next year's Olympics.

Week 8 (week beginning 1st June 2020 - Summer Term 2)

Video message from Mrs Rahman

Still image for this video

Forest School

Still image for this video
Here's another easy, fun and educational nature activity! 🌿💚

This is a great way to explore shapes while interacting with nature, building spatial awareness and fine motor skills! For this easy activity, all you need are sticks and rubber bands.

First, create 2D shapes with your sticks. How many shapes can you make? What are they called? Next, make flat 3D shapes. Then, challenge yourself to make 3D models of each shape using rubber bands to connect your sticks. Finally, use your imagination to transform your models into something new (tiny houses, space ships, boats, etc.)!

         Have a go at this Halving Challenge



Week 7 (week beginning 18th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Red words Game

Doubling challenge questions :D

Doubling Challenge laugh

Have a go at this doubling problem - You can work this problem out by drawing it, writing a number sentence, or mentally. Show me your answer on Tapestry! 


Assembly - VE Day

Still image for this video

Week 6 (week beginning 11th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Video message from Jude (Forest School)

Still image for this video

Horrible Histories songs | VE Day

On the 8th May 1945 the Nazis surrendered and victory in Europe was declared. The Allies celebrated the end of a six year world war and the VE Day parties went on for quite some time!

VE Day

VE Day, 8 May 1945 was a day to celebrate. Victory in Europe Day marked the long-awaited defeat of Nazi Germany by the Allies and followed the formal acts of military surrender. In Britain, Churchill marked the occasion by declaring this day a Public Holiday. People held local street parties, danced and sang in the streets and huge crowds gathered in London around Westminster, Trafalgar Square and outside Buckingham Palace.

St. Andrew's staff video message

please click on the following link and then click on: 'or continue to website'



Here is the Biscuit Challenge - The one in the weekly plan unfortunately cut off some instructions. Give it a try laugh 


What types of trees are around us? PPT

Week 5 (week beginning 4th May 2020 - Summer Term 1)

The Baked Potato Song - by Father Edd

Butterfly Life Cycle Powerpoint :D

Learn the song One moment, one people with Beccy Owen

Have a go at learning this song!

Week 4 (week beginning 27th April 2020 - Summer Term 1)

Video message from Mr Mason

Still image for this video

Week 3 (week beginning 20th April 2020)

Easter Break (6-17 March): Fun Easter activity/homework - (Optional)

Here is a special message from Fr Edd


Dear children,

What a strange way to finish the term! I have missed you all and can't wait to see you again. We have often talked about Lent, the time before Easter as a time to think about what really matter just as Jesus spent forty days in the desert. If you remember the story, Jesus had a sort of battle with the Devil. Well. It certainly feels like we have entered a sort of desert, where we can't be in physical contact with our friends and some of our family and we have to think a bit more about what we eat and what is available to eat. And it certainly feels like a battle is going on all around us. A battle against a virus.
Just like the battle Jesus had in the desert this has a really good time to think about what really matters. What do we cherish and value? What do we miss about our friends or about school? How fortunate we are to have food or a secure home? How we might take health for granted? How difficult we find it to be still and enjoy simple things like reading or drawing?

I don't believe that God sends challenges like this virus, but God has made a world in which even in challenge, maybe particularly in challenge, we have opportunity to grow and change and learn.

This situation will not last forever, although it may feel like a very long time, but Jesus is always with us and encourages us to seize the day! It is in moments like this that all our training in holding fast to our values is now put into full effect. This is the time to have real compassion. To be kind and gentle with those we live with and pray for those who are caring for the sick. It is a time to be good stewards, tending the garden or even window boxes. It is time to seek justice by not hoarding lots of food but instead making sure everyone has enough. It is a time to be thankful for all the things we take for granted, a time to serve by helping out around the house. And of course it is a time for peace, peace in our homes and peace in our hearts because of the assurance that God is always with us and lives us very much.

Stay home and stay well and may the Lord Jesus be with you.

Love and prayers,
Fr Edd

Here is something for you to look out for at 8pm on the 1/04/20



Watch the International Space Station pass overhead from several thousand worldwide locations. It is the third brightest object in the sky and easy to spot if you know when to look up.

Visible to the naked eye, it looks like a fast-moving plane only much higher and traveling thousands of miles an hour faster!


Hi Reception, 


I hope you are all well and are keeping yourselves busy! 

I came across a super website for you to carry on with your Spanish learning. 

Have a go at playing this game to go over the colours and numbers in Spanish!



Have Fun!

Miss Demetriou

Home School activities - Week 2 (week beginning 30.03.20)

Reading Material: 


I'm sure you all have a wealth of books at home, however I had to share with you the Booktrust website.


They have some great stories your child can listen to, or attempt to read along to and activities for your child to have a go at! 


I hope you find this useful. 

Miss Demetriou 


Week 1



Hi Parents, 


I hope you find attached below the activities I have set for your first week at home. I do not expect you to complete all these activities in one day, instead do what works for you and most importantly at your child's pace. This will look different for each child -This could be 10 minutes of Phonics, Reading and Maths a day and a Foundation subject like: RE or UW. What I find works is using visuals to tell the children what is happening throughout the day, drawing this out will have the same effect (I have included an example below), three boxes telling the children what they will be doing; now (Phonics), next (Maths) and then (you can choose between painting or yoga). Always offer a free choice activity.  

Have fun and if you want to show me your child's progress you can reach me through Tapestry. Thank you! Miss Demetriou


Home School packs - For those in isolation, I handed out these packs on Friday. If you have access to a printer you can print these out, if not they will be available to print off and pick up at school.

Home School activities - Week 1 (week beginning 23.03.20)

... and we have lift off!




DR Angela visits Reception!!!


We spoke about how a doctor can help us, how there are different types of doctors to help us with certain body parts and she even showed us some of the equipment they use. To round up the meeting we spoke about germs and how important it is to wash our hands with soap, because that is what our super power is, as it will keep us safe and healthy. 







Science Week ... so far!!!

African Story Telling

Still image for this video

World Book Day: Anansi the Clever Spider 







Here are some of our spider webs we created. We loved learning all the different facts about spiders, our favourite being it takes spiders over 3 hours to create their webs. 

The Last Supper

Phonics in Reception 

At St Andrew's Southgate, we teach phonics for 30-45 minutes a day based on the Read Write Inc Phonics Scheme, which is a comprehensive, synthetic phonics programme that teaches children how to read.

Children in Reception are taught in small groups based on their developing phonological knowledge. During our phonics lessons, children start by going through the complex speed sound chart and then move on to learn new sounds and apply these sounds by reading RWI books.

How parents can help their children?


At St Andrew's, we encourage parents to support their children in learning their sounds at home. Here are some resources and videos to help you support your child at home with phonics.

Understanding Phonics

What is Read Write Inc Phonics? 

How to say the sounds



Useful Websites:

NSPCC Number Day

Valentine's Day cards - The children loved making cards and it was lovely to hear all about the people who are special to them.

West Grove come to St Andrew's

We have loved learning our goodbye song in SPANISH!

Levántate, Siéntate Canción para niños

We have loved learning this Spanish action song!

Count by fives

We use this song to help us learn how to count in fives.

Counting in twos

We use this song in our maths sessions as an oral starter. We have really enjoyed learning how to count in two's.

We went to West Grove to share our favourite stories

Who is special to me !

Christmas Party!

Christmas Nativity

Living Nativity at London Zoo

Advent in St Andrew's Church!

Christmas decorations (: using mixed media and showcasing all our skills to handle different equipment and resources.

Advent Calendar

Dinosaur world!

Our own Mars Rovers ! Ready to explore our planet and learn about life in another land.

Our Autumnal scavenger hunt! Looking at how our world is changing and transforming.

Talking table - this week we had a wonderful time creating different amounts and representing them using gems, conkers and shells.

2d shapes - this week in Reception we explored 2d shapes. We thought carefully about each shapes properties and how we could create our own.

Marking making outside the classroom - exercising our hands and wrists using big and small movements, whilst exploring colour mixing.

Celebrating our first half term together. You have all made such a great effort to make new friends and settle in to school life.

All the fun we can have with numicon - practicing our counting and becoming familiar with how each number looks like and amounts to.

Re-cycled art work! We put our own recycling to good use and created step by step our own canvas to build our own recycled city. We mixed our own paint and it transformed our cardboard and plastics into something beautiful to look at!