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SCHOOL CLOSURE - online learning

Weekly Timetable - Mon 14th December 2020

Online Learning

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African Drumming !!!! 



Dancing away ... 

We had a listen to some soca music, picking out all the instruments we could here. We then had a go moving rhythmically to the music using our own streamers. We loved how they moved to the rhythm. 


CARNIVAL in Reception! 

We had great fun learning about the Notting Hill Carnival today. We created our own talking table, some crowns as costumes and created our own streamers ready to dance to some soca. We mentioned how there normally is over 2,000,000 people at the carnival, dancing on the roads to music and celebrating the history and the culture of the Caribbean in the capital. 



We spoke a lot about how we need to dress for a Carnival. The colours need to be bright and there should be a lot of embellishments. We couldn't wait to get the glitter on to the crowns and dance away! 


We thought about all the people in our lives that help us and how we need to be kind and respectful to everyone!


We mentioned people at home like mum, dad and grandad. People in the community like the Police Force, Firefighters and Shop keepers. We used vocabulary like kind, helpful caring and spoke about why all their jobs are important. 




You can be whatever you want to be . . . 




We have been talking a lot about what makes us special and all our God given talents and how these are all something we need to celebrate. So we had a think and decided what job we will be best at. We spoke about how it does not matter what colour, what hair or size we are, we can do anything we put our mind to.