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Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God

Parent Handbook 2023/24


1. Arriving at school in the morning
2. Picking up from school
3. Getting to and from school
4. Independent Travel
5. Attendance
6. Absence due to medical or other appointments
7. Lateness
8. Forgotten items
9. Medical Issues
10. Food
11 School Meals
12. Safety and security
13. Uniform
14. Mobile phones and other electronic devices
15. Lost property
16. Precious things
17. PE

18. Communication with parents
19. Collective worship
20. Curriculum Issues
21. School reports
22. Rewards
22. School clubs and Enrichment Activities
24. Music opportunities
25. School events
26. Educational visits
27. INSET days
28. Home visits (Reception children only)
29. School governors
30. Parent Teacher Association
31. School staff


School start times:  08:50     

The pedestrian gate to the front playground is:

Opened at           08:40
Locked at             09:00

Students are permitted to enter the classroom at the designated time of 08:40. It is important to note that teachers will not be available for the collection of students at this time; instead, they will be awaiting the students inside the classroom. Please be mindful that class teachers will be engaged in supervisory duties and preparing for lessons to commence punctually at 08:50. Consequently, parents or younger siblings are kindly requested to refrain from entering the classrooms during this period. While brief messages may be conveyed to the teacher, more formal discussions are encouraged to be deferred until the conclusion of the school day.

It is imperative that parents ensure their children remain under their supervision until they enter their respective classrooms. Only those students with explicit permission to commute independently to and from school may be present on school premises without parental oversight.

In the event of inclement weather, students may enter their classrooms promptly upon the teacher's arrival. Additionally, the doors to the playground will be opened for access.

Please be advised that dogs are not permitted on the school premises unless they are carried or serve as guide dogs. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the school premises and in close proximity to the school gates. Your adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.  (Return to contents)



  • School finishes at 15:30 for all pupils
  • The pedestrian gate to the front playground is:
    Opened at 15:20
    Locked at 15:40

Parents are kindly requested to await the release of their children in the front playground. The child will be permitted to join the parent when the teacher visually identifies them.

Upon collecting your child, we kindly ask that you relocate from the designated collection point promptly. Given the simultaneous departure of numerous students, a clear view is essential for teachers to manage the departure process efficiently and avoid any confusion regarding authorised pick-ups.

Timely arrival for pick-up is strongly encouraged to prevent distress for any child awaiting collection after their peers have already departed. Children not collected by 15:40 will be escorted to the School Office, and a telephone call will be initiated to the primary contact to establish pick-up arrangements. Noteworthy, records of late pickups are meticulously maintained and may be shared with the Educational Welfare Officer.

It is imperative to be mindful that the school gates are secured at precisely 15:40. In the event of late arrival, parents are instructed to proceed directly to the School Office.

In cases where a child is to be collected by someone other than the designated parent or carer, advance notice must be conveyed to the class teacher at the outset of the school day or communicated via email to the school office. A timely reminder to the child is also recommended. Any eleventh-hour alterations to arrangements due to emergencies necessitate prompt notification to the school. To ensure effective communication of the day's collection arrangements, such messages should reach the School Office before 14:30. It is essential to underscore our commitment to the security and safety of our children. Messages delivered outside these prescribed times require personal delivery by the School Office to the class teacher, disrupting lessons and impeding children's concentration.

For security reasons, if an unfamiliar individual arrives to collect your child, we will contact you for verification before granting permission for the child's release. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated. (Return to contents)


We strongly advocate for families to consider environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling, or utilising public transport, either for the entire journey to school or a part thereof. In the event that driving to school is necessary, we request heightened awareness regarding parking practices. It is crucial to avoid obstructing private driveways, as inconsiderate parking can understandably cause frustration among local residents. This not only impacts them adversely but also places strain on the school's efforts to maintain positive relations with the community. We prioritise and cherish our relationship with the local community, and it is our desire to preserve this relationship by urging all members to exercise thoughtfulness in their parking behaviours both before and after school.

A reminder is issued against parking on the zigzag lines of the zebra crossing, as such actions are not only illegal but also pose a significant danger. Obstructing the view of oncoming traffic compromises the safety of our children. Parking on pavements for dropping off children is strongly discouraged. The school's designated car park is exclusively reserved for staff use.

Parents are encouraged to explore parking alternatives away from the school premises, such as at Asda, and completing the remaining distance on foot.

For those opting to use bikes or scooters, designated racks are available for storage during the school day. Should you choose to leave a bike or scooter on the school premises, securing it with your personal chain/lock is a requirement. We kindly request that all bikes and scooters be retrieved at the conclusion of your child's school day and not be left overnight. This directive also extends to pupils attending after-school clubs. Please be advised that the school assumes no responsibility for any bikes or scooters damaged on-site.  (Return to contents)


Students in Year Groups 5 and 6 exclusively are eligible for independent travel to and from school following the completion of the requisite 'permissions' section within your child's Arbor profile. It is imperative that a corresponding email in support of this request be forwarded to the school office or Welfare Officer for due consideration. Furthermore, students who have been granted permission for independent travel may also seek authorisation to bring mobile phones into the school premises.  (Return to contents)


Regular attendance at school is of paramount importance in fostering your child's developmental progress. In adherence to recent government guidance, it is emphasised that "Head Teachers should not grant leave of absence unless in exceptional circumstances." Should there be a compelling need to request leave of absence for your child, it is imperative that such requests be submitted in advance and in written form. The written communication should explicitly articulate the exceptional reasons requiring the absence.

Each request will be meticulously assessed by the Head Teacher to determine whether the absence can be duly authorised. Subsequent to the evaluation process, a formal response will be issued to communicate the decision regarding the requested leave of absence  (Return to contents)


Scheduled medical and dental appointments are expected to be arranged outside of the regular school day. In circumstances where this proves impractical, students are encouraged to attend school for a portion of the day. Prior notification of such appointments is imperative and should be conveyed to us in writing well in advance of the scheduled date.

In the event that it becomes necessary to remove your child from school premises before the standard dismissal time, strict adherence to the following protocol is mandatory:

  1. Provide written notification to the attendance officer, detailing the specific reason for the early departure. Supporting documentation evidencing the appointment is also required.
  2. Personally, sign-out using the electronic register located in the front office.
  3. Upon returning your child to school, it is essential to report to the office to ensure a seamless reintegration process.  (Return to contents)


Timely arrival is of paramount importance as it ensures that students are present to benefit from crucial teaching and receive vital information pertaining to the school day. Lateness not only poses the risk of missing integral educational content but can also disrupt ongoing lessons, potentially causing embarrassment for the child. The cultivation of punctuality is deemed a fundamental skill that will greatly benefit our students as they progress through their academic journey and navigate the wider world.

In the event that a child arrives late to school, post-registration, irrespective of the reason, it is essential that the main entrance door be used for entry. Subsequently, parents are required to report to the School Office to facilitate the addition of the child to the school register.

Furthermore, children who remain uncollected by 15:40 will be escorted to the School Office, and a telephone call will be initiated to the primary contact to establish suitable pick-up arrangements. It is crucial to note that meticulous records are maintained for all instances where children are picked up after the specified time. In cases where parents consistently demonstrate tardiness in collecting their children, a mandatory meeting with the Head Teacher or Safeguarding Officer will be convened.  (Return to contents)


Kindly exert diligence in ensuring that your children are equipped with all necessary items for the school day, including a packed lunch if applicable. It is important to emphasise that unless the school issues a specific request for the delivery of a forgotten item, such items will not be taken to classrooms. This policy is in place to uphold an optimal learning environment by minimising disruptions.  (Return to contents)


The Medical Room, where the school's Welfare Officer is located, is conveniently situated adjacent to the Junior entrance of the school.

In the event of your child's absence due to illness, we kindly request that you utilise the 'report an absence' form available on the school website. This report should be submitted prior to 08:50 on the first day of the absence. It is crucial to adhere to stringent guidelines for cases involving vomiting or diarrhoea; children exhibiting such symptoms must refrain from returning to school until a minimum of 48 hours has elapsed without any signs of these ailments.

Alternatively, you may communicate your child's absence directly via email using the dedicated email address: Should you choose to report an absence via email, it is not obligatory to submit any additional written documentation upon your child's return to school.

To maintain a high standard of attendance and punctuality, the London Borough of Enfield's Education Welfare Officer routinely reviews our registers each term.

Please be advised that the administration of medication to children is not a standard practice unless under exceptional circumstances. Any inquiries in this regard should be directed to the Welfare Officer.

Furthermore, it is imperative that the school possesses accurate and up-to-date contact information to reach you in case of emergencies during the school day. In the event of any changes to your contact numbers, a written notification to the office is required, along with the updating of your contact information on Arbor. (Return to contents)

Head lice

To mitigate the spread of head lice, the school encourages the adoption of the following weekly routine:

  1. Wash hair in the customary manner and towel dry.
  2. Apply conditioner, with tea tree oil being particularly recommended.
  3. Employ a specialised nit comb for thorough hair combing (These combs are readily available at all reputable chemist shops).
  4. Rinse thoroughly.

This routine serves the dual purpose of detecting the presence of nits and, when consistently performed, acts as a preventive measure.

Given the increasing resistance of head lice and nits to conventional chemical treatments, this straightforward procedure proves highly effective and safe in addressing the issue.

Should your child be identified with head lice, we kindly request that you notify the Welfare Officer, who will offer guidance on the necessary course of action. In accordance with Local Authority guidelines, the school no longer issues alerts to parents or carers regarding outbreaks of head lice. Hence, vigilance on the part of all is appreciated.

Rest assured that strict confidentiality is upheld throughout this process. (Return to contents)

10. FOOD

The school environment strictly adheres to a NUT FREE ZONE policy, and as such, the inclusion of any nuts in food items is strictly prohibited.

An increasing number of children are facing life-threatening allergies to nuts, prompting St. Andrew's to institute a nut-free zone. This measure is aimed at minimising the potential danger of children inadvertently encountering products containing nuts or traces of nuts. We request your vigilance in upholding this policy.

Regarding snacks, St. Andrew's is a participant in the 'Free Fruit for Infants' Scheme. Each Infant child (Reception to Year 2) will receive a piece of fruit during the school day, obviating the need for students to bring snacks from home. Exceptions are permitted only in cases where a child has a specific preference. Children in other year groups may bring in their own snack. However, it is essential to note that only fruit is allowed; no other snacks are permitted.

Furthermore, the school strictly prohibits the presence of sweets, including chewing gum and bubble gum. While occasional requests are received to distribute sweets on behalf of a child celebrating a birthday, we regret to inform you that such requests cannot be accommodated. This decision is made in consideration of the diverse range of allergies and dietary restrictions present among the students at St. Andrew's Southgate Primary School. (Return to contents)

11. School Meals

When your child opts to stay for lunch, you are presented with the choice of providing either a packed lunch or selecting a school lunch. Combining a mixture of both options on the same day is not feasible. School lunches offer a variety of dishes, always including a vegetarian option.

For seamless meal management, parents are required to use the Arbor online cashless payment system to book their child's meals. Pre-ordering provides parents with greater control over their child's daily consumption. Additionally, parents must select 'packed lunch' on the Arbor platform if that is the preferred meal option for their child.

Key features of the pre-ordering system include:

  • Meals can be ordered at any time leading up to the start of the school day; the menu follows a rolling three-week cycle, that changes twice an academic year.
  • Parents have enhanced control and visibility, enabling them to monitor precisely what their child is consuming in school.
  • Pupils receive their preferred meal.
  • The system accommodates allergies, religious requirements, and special diets. Parents can update allergen and dietary information to ensure their child receives appropriate and safe meals.

The online meal ordering system is convenient and flexible, allowing quick bookings, amendments, or cancellations. Parents can access and make bookings on any device or computer—by logging into their child's Arbor profile. Bookings can be made up to a half-term in advance, with an option to repeat a meal choice selection whenever it is available.

The system automatically supports Free School Meal and Universal Infant Free School Meal children, ensuring meal choices can be made without any required payment.

Cashless payments for meal bookings can be completed online via Arbor, eliminating the need for children to bring cash into school and providing a more secure payment system. All payments are expected to be made in advance, as the school does not tolerate any outstanding debt unless approved by the head teacher, as outlined in the school Debt Policy. Please see the below box regarding Universal Free School Meals for all London school children.


All pupils at St. Andrew’s Southgate will receive free school meals.

This new scheme is covered by the mayors funding and will provide all primary school children in state-funded schools in London, with free school meals for the 2023/24 academic school year.

This funding has been allocated, as an emergency cost of living support measure until the end of the 2025 academic year (July).  

If you are providing a packed lunch, it is imperative to clearly label the lunchbox with your child's name. Please be mindful that the use of products containing nuts (including chocolate spreads) is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, packed lunchboxes should not include sweets, chocolates, or fizzy drinks. (Return to contents)


Should you need to visit the School Office at any time, the sole entrance for access is through the main entrance gate located to the left of the car park, accessible via the designated pedestrian footpath. For safety considerations, it is imperative to utilise the school's front pedestrian path exclusively when approaching the main entrance, refraining from crossing the car park.

Upon arrival, kindly press the buzzer at the main gate and await the release of the door lock by a staff member at their earliest convenience. Patience during this process is appreciated. Subsequently, press the buzzer at the main door for further access. All visitors are required to sign the electronic signing in system and wear the designated badge while within the school premises. It is essential to refrain from requesting a child to facilitate entry if waiting outside.

Parents are explicitly prohibited from wandering around the school premises at any time. Any parental inquiries should be directed to the front office.

During attendance at events such as class assemblies, exhibitions, and parents' evenings, please be aware that the sole entry point to the school is through the main entrance. When exiting the building, kindly utilise the designated 'Press to Exit' button situated to the left-hand side of the door and subsequently push the door open.

Should you wish to consult with the Welfare Officer regarding medical matters or absences, please make the necessary inquiry at the School Office.

For meetings with a Class Teacher before or after school hours, kindly proceed to their exterior classroom door. Alternatively, communication can be facilitated via email using your child's class-specific email address (e.g.,

Security is a collective responsibility that involves everyone.

When present on the school premises outside the regular drop-off and collection times, it is imperative to ensure the closure and secure fastening of both the gate and all doors.

Should you observe anything that raises concerns, please promptly seek out a staff member and convey the information to them without delay. (Return to contents)


Adherence to the appropriate school uniform is mandatory for all students. A comprehensive list of the uniform requirements is available on the school website. We actively encourage students to take pride in their affiliation with St Andrew’s Southgate Primary School, with the uniform serving as a visual representation of this community membership. We emphasise the importance of dressing smartly and taking pride in appearance, seeking the support of parents in this endeavour.

Our designated uniform supplier is Smith’s School wear, located at 25 Station Parade, Cockfosters EN4 0DW, with contact details as follows: Tel: 020 8363 2424, Website: Uniform items can be conveniently bought in-store, online, or through telephone orders.

While many uniform items are available from high street stores, specific items such as the school tie, jumpers, cardigans, summer dresses, PE T-shirts, PE shorts, PE tracksuits, and reading book bags with the school logo must be purchased exclusively from Smiths School wear. The only alternative approved summer dress is the ‘Sainsbury's Burgundy Gingham Tie Front School Dress’ – the red or purple variations are not permitted. Other items, such as shirts, trousers/shorts and skirts can be sourced from various high street stores.

For Art activities, an art overall is mandatory. In the event of paint stains, the recommended method of removal is to rub the stain with soap and soak it overnight in cold water. It is advised to avoid using detergents before soaking, as they may set the stain.

All clothing and belongings must be clearly marked with your child’s name. It is noteworthy that writing your child’s name in an article of clothing may fade with washing, so regular checks for visibility are encouraged.

Trainers must be plain black or white. It is essential to note that trainers and boots are not permissible at any other time. Children should arrive at school in sensible black shoes suitable for safe play in the playground.

No jewellery is allowed, except for very small ear studs. Nail varnish is strictly prohibited. Watches should be functional and discreet, with toy and smart watches (or those with a camera) not permitted.

Hair bands must be plain and adhere to the colours of black, white, or maroon exclusively.  (Return to contents)


Unless your child is an independent traveller to and from school, the possession of a mobile phone within the school premises is strictly prohibited. Mobile phones belonging to independent travellers must be surrendered either to the class teacher or the School Office during the mornings, specifically immediately before or after the registration process. The phones will be securely stored until 15:30, at which point the owner is permitted to retrieve them. It is important to note that no other electronic devices are allowed on the school premises. (Return to contents)


A designated lost property box is provided within the school premises and is periodically placed in the playground for easy of accessibility. If your child has misplaced any clothing items, please make it a routine to check this box. It is important to highlight that identifying unnamed uniform items is typically challenging, emphasising the responsibility for parents to actively participate in the search. Any unmarked and unclaimed items remaining at the conclusion of each half-term will be subject to sale by the PTA.  (Return to contents)


We kindly request that children refrain from bringing or wearing anything precious or valuable to school unless prior approval has been obtained from the teacher. Precious items, at the very least, may be susceptible to misplacement or damage. Additionally, children should not bring any money into school. (Return to contents)

17. PE

We enthusiastically embrace sports at our school! As children progress through the school, they gain the opportunity to participate in an array of sports, including but not limited to football, swimming, and athletics. Please look out for regular updates regarding the current clubs and teams offered at school.

On allocated PE days, children are expected to attend school dressed in their PE kits, and on such days, school uniform is not required.

The importance of clearly labelling all your child's belongings is exemplified by PE activities. Without name labels, identifying and matching items of clothing to the respective children becomes a challenging task.

We frequently seek assistance from parents/carers for team transportation to matches and to provide support. Detailed information is communicated before each event. Your involvement and support in these sports-related activities are highly valued. (Return to contents)


In an effort to reduce costs and minimise our environmental impact, St Andrew’s Southgate Primary has moved to a paperless system of communication. Consequently, our interactions with parents will primarily occur through Arbor, email and SMS, where feasible. It is imperative that your contact details are kept up-to-date to ensure you receive all pertinent communications. Regularly checking our website is also recommended, and activating your Arbor account is essential. Parents of reception children should additionally register for our online learning journal, Tapestry.

Please see our school website for additional support in creating and using your Arbor account.

The School Website:

A wealth of valuable information about the school is accessible on our official school website, featuring links to additional resources. The website functions as our principal platform for keeping parents abreast of school activities; therefore, it is imperative to routinely check its contents. (Return to contents)


An outline of the daily Collective Worship sessions our pupils experience at St Andrew’s Southgate can be found below:

Monday - Value and Achievement Assembly led by Mrs Pitsillides

Tuesday - Hymn practice led by Miss Monaghan

Wednesday - Whole School Collective Worship led by Fr Edd and Fr Tom

Thursday - Class Collective Worship led by Class Teachers

Friday - Teacher’s Assembly led by Class Teachers. Class Teachers will explore our school Christian vision, values and other religions with pupils. (Return to contents)


During the Autumn term, a 'Meet the Teacher' meeting will provide you with an opportunity to pose inquiries, as is usually scheduled to take place early in the term or at the commencement or conclusion of a school day. Additionally, parent-teacher meetings are held twice a year.

Should you or your child encounter any challenges or have concerns related to school matters, both academic and otherwise, we encourage you to engage with the class teacher. Direct communication can be facilitated by emailing them through the designated class email address.

Your child's teacher is committed to being available for discussions, either before or after school, and, when necessary, will allocate a dedicated time to meet with you. It is important to note that teachers are unable to engage in discussions with parents once the school day has commenced, as their undivided attention is required for the students during that period. (Return to contents)


School reports are sent to parents towards the conclusion of the Summer term. This comprehensive annual report encompasses a detailed overview of the pupils' achievements, general progress, and attendance record. (Return to contents)


A ‘Star of the Week’ award is given out to one child each week during assembly. Class dojo points are used as a reward system to acknowledge an excellent attitude to learning, academic success, the following of school rules and school values. This award is linked to curriculum excellence and awarded by the Head Teacher in front of the school.

A Friendship Cup, linked to school values, is also awarded weekly to a child who is nominated by the staff for an act of friendship above what is normally expected. This is awarded in assembly and the child then has the friendship cup on their desk for the week.

Results of awards are shown outside the staff room.

House points can be earned both individually and as a class. Collectively house points are recorded by House Captains each week and totalled each half term leading to a reward for all the pupils whose house has received the most points.

A values certificate is also presented to one child per class weekly. This is the acknowledge the values of our school and how they have been practiced or carried out in the week. (Return to contents)


At St Andrew’s Southgate Primary, we value not only the academic achievements of our children, but also the extra-curricular achievements. We believe that our job is not just to teach, but also to nurture the whole child. This ethos is reflected in our enrichment programme which gives children the opportunity to participate in a broad range of clubs including sporting activities such as football and multi-sports to drama and art. As well as being enjoyable, these clubs allow children to develop personally and socially.

Some school clubs are run by independent companies who use school premises and charge accordingly, e.g. Spanish Club. You will be provided with information regarding charges as well as how to book your child’s place.

The Extended Club provision is run and managed by St Andrew’s Southgate Primary School and exists to provide high quality, stimulating and creative activities to enrich the school experience of our pupils both before and after the normal school day.

The St Andrew’s clubs operate from 07.30 to 08.45 and from 15.30 to 17.50 term time. All clubs must be booked and paid for in advance via Arbor.

Booking places for clubs is done via the Arbor system.

Forest School is a weekly club which is run as part of the school day and is rolled out to all year groups. The club is rotated between year groups, every 6 weeks during the school day. The aim of this club is to promote the holistic development of all involved, fostering resilient, confident, independent and creative learners.

Example activities that pupils may encounter whilst at Forest School:

  • Den building – collaboration, engineering, gross motor skills, habitats, risk assessment
  • Engineering pully systems (raising & lowering), collaboration, engineering, motor skills, habitats, risk assessment
  • Scavenger hunts – exploring the environment and learning about/naming plants and insects
  • Arts and crafts with natural materials – artistic expression, exploration with materials, collaboration
  • Mud kitchen – fine and gross motor skills, role play, collaboration
  • Sharing children’s books and stories with a message of ecological preservation
  • Balancing on fallen trees – generating role play  (Return to contents)


Recorder, string instruments, woodwind, brass, keyboard, and piano lessons are additionally offered at the school for students in Years 3 - 6. These lessons incur a charge and are organised through the Enfield Music Service. Application forms for music lessons can be obtained from the foyer located in front of the School Office.

As part of the school curriculum, students in Year 5 undertake recorder lessons, seamlessly integrated into their regular lesson schedule. (Return to contents)


All school events are documented on the Parent Calendar and on the school website. Occasionally, reply slips may be provided for the acquisition of tickets or similar requirements. Standard examples of school events include:

  • Harvest Festival
  • Carol Service
  • School Nativity Service & Christmas Fair
  • All Saints' Day
  • Easter Service
  • Summer Fete
  • Sports Days
  • Leaver’s Service

Throughout the academic year, additional events such as World Book Day, Number Day & Science Week will be organised. Comprehensive details for these events will be made available either via email or the school website and integrated into the school calendar.  (Return to contents)


Educational trips are an integral component of the curriculum for all students within the school. These outings serve as significant learning experiences, providing valuable reinforcement of classroom lessons.

Contributions may be requested to facilitate the funding of these educational visits, and while financial assistance is available, inquiries can be directed to the School Office if required. Payments for school trips are processed through your child’s Arbor account.

Whenever feasible, our students will utilise London Transport, leveraging the convenience of Southgate tube station and the nearby bus station, both situated within a five-minute walking distance from the school.

In Year 6, the class embarks on a residential visit. This distinctive event imparts a sense of independence and confidence to the children as they prepare for their transition to Secondary School. (Return to contents)


INSET Days, an acronym signifying 'In Service Training' for staff, are periodically placed throughout the school year. Typically affixed to either the commencement or conclusion of a school holiday, these days necessitate the closure of the school to students.

For the specific dates of INSET Days, kindly refer to the school's official website and communication channels. It is imperative to note that students are not expected to attend school on INSET Days. (Return to contents)

28. HOME VISITS (Reception children only)

Prior to the commencement of the Autumn Term, the Reception Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant will conduct a home visit. This meeting holds paramount importance, serving to gather essential information that contributes to ensuring a seamless transition for your child into school. During this visit, the staff will need to verify details such as your child's date of birth (requiring a birth certificate and proof of address), ethnicity, and home language. (Return to contents)


The Governing Body holds a critical responsibility for ensuring the provision of the highest quality education for all pupils at the school. It plays a specific role in elevating academic standards and is entrusted with the duty of ensuring the school's commitment to delivering value for money. The appointment of the Head Teacher falls under the scope of the Governing Body, which collaborates closely with them to provide support in fulfilling their role. The collaboration between the Head Teacher and the Governors is integral to the effective functioning of the school.

Accountability extends from the Governing Body to parents, the local authority, and the broader local community. Regular updates regarding the composition of the Governing Body will be provided to you.

St Andrew’s Southgate Primary School, being a Church of England school, mandates a governing body with a balance of at least one more church representative than non-church representatives, ensuring the continued honouring of the school's Trust Deeds.

Should you have a concern that remains unaddressed by the class teacher or Head Teacher, the Chair of Governors, accessible through the school, is the appropriate channel for resolution.

The parent governors, your elected representatives, serve as receptive conduits for your concerns, always willing to listen and convey your perspectives to the Governing Body. While they cannot act autonomously, it is obligatory upon the parent governors to stay informed about issues that concern parents.

Sarah Elkins Chair of Governors
Philip Miall Foundation Governor
Vacancy Synod/Deanery Governor
Anastasia Neocleous  Parent Governor
Olivia Clifford  Parent Governor
John Hey Associate Member
Fr Edward Turner  Foundation Governor - Vicar
Sujal Zaveri  Enfield Clerk
S. Pitsillides  Head Teacher (as of 1 September 2023)
Jason Demetriou  Staff Governor
Jodie Common Foundation Governor
Director of Education,
Children’s Services and Leisure
Mr P Nathan
Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XQ
London Diocesan Board for Schools 36 Causton Street, London
020 7932 1100

(Return to contents)


Congratulations, as your child is now at St Andrew’s you automatically become a member of the PTA!

It has been a long standing tradition at St Andrew’s School Southgate for parents to play an active role in supporting the PTA events and your continued support would be most welcomed, so please do get involved.

The PTA has a vital part to play in helping to improve the school by supporting the staff and children.

  1. It’s a registered charity (1063520), with clear aims about helping the school to advance the education of all the children.
  2. The PTA helps subsidise school trips and organises fun events for both children and adults –
    whilst raising vital money for the school.

Your PTA is in need of fresh faces and new ideas.  We strongly believe everyone has something to offer.  ALL contributions are greatly valued.

The PTA Committee meets regularly at the school.  Class link parents act as your representatives at a half termly meeting with members of the senior leadership team. 

Check the PTA Noticeboard (in the playground) or the school website for details of the meetings and events.


The PTA organises various events in order to raise money to enhance the children’s school life and improve resources within the school, e.g. new books, ICT and playground equipment, school trips and much more.

The big events such as the Christmas Bazaar and Summer Fair require everyone’s input to ensure that the event is a success and we raise money for new initiatives. 

It is vital that everyone gets involved to help organise and volunteer to run events.  Please be a willing helper when your class reps ask for support.  Please don’t wait to be approached, if there’s anything you can help with or you know someone who can - let your class rep know.

Do you frequently attend restaurants, hairdressers, barbers, opticians, dentists?  These businesses can mutually help support your school and get their names noticed by placing adverts in the programmes.

If you shop online then please use the following website which helps raise valuable funds for our school:

A great way to be involved in your child’s education is to take an active part in the PTA.  Your PTA needs you – what can YOU do?

(Return to contents)

31. SCHOOL STAFF 2023/24

Mrs S Pitsillides Head Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs N Rahman Deputy Head Teacher, SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead , Teacher
Miss G Monaghan Teacher, Religious Education Lead
Ms Wasik Teacher
Mrs S Shaikh Teacher, PSHE and Community Lead
Miss C Chrysostomou Teacher, Art/DT Lead
Mr S Walton Teacher, Literacy Lead, Forest School Lead
Mr R Grant Teacher, Humanities Lead, School Council
Mrs S Erskine Teacher, Science Lead
Mr J Demetriou Teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, ICT, Maths and Assessment Lead, Designated Safeguarding Officer
Mrs J Thanki School Business Manager
Mrs K Saich Administration & Finance Officer
Mrs A Djelal Attendance, Welfare Officer
Mrs S Coonjah HLTA
Mrs M Kelly HLTA
Mrs C Georgopoulos HLTA
Mrs E Evagora Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Papa-Michael Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Themistocleous Teaching Assistant
Mr A Ioannou Sports Coach and Breakfast Club Play leader
Mrs M Cusano Lunchtime Playleader/Extended Club Playleader
Mr M Lambri Site Manager
Mr M Levett Assistant Site Manager/Lunchtime Playleader

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297 Chase Road, Southgate, London, N14 6JA

020 8886 3379,