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Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God



PSHE and Community is at the heart of teaching and learning at St. Andrew’s Southgate Primary School.

We believe in providing children a holistic learning environment where they can flourish and grow in a safe and stimulating environment into responsible future citizens committed to the improvement of the society. To achieve this, we have always endeavoured to develop a great commitment to the personal, social and health education of our pupils through developing effective community links where they feel comfortable in and enthusiastic to do good. We aspire to develop and instil our school values of compassion, service, thankfulness, courage, justice, peace and stewardship in children enabling them to be responsible and compassionate citizens in the society and the wider World at large, where they feel motivated to share their voice, be confident in their beliefs and values and confidently share their opinions.



We cherish our school values of service, compassion, peace, thankfulness, justice and stewardship and have thus focused to interweave these values through the strands of our PSHE provision. Our commitment to the vital issues of the evolving world such as climate change, mental health, economic crisis and social cohesion erosion have played an instrumental role in developing and valuing pupils’ voice.

At St. Andrew’s, we have developed PSHE progression skills for each year group. The main themes of teaching PSHE are adapted from the ‘KAPOW’ scheme of work: Family and Friendships- Health, Wellbeing and Safety- Citizenship/ Economic Wellbeing. We have introduced ‘Wellbeing Wednesdays’, where each year group has a dedicated lesson every week to focus on the personal, social and health education of children, exploring the issues around them, and in wider society. Teachers use the progression skills to teach the topics and have the freedom of bringing creativity and individuality to each lesson depending on the age and stage of their year groups.

We use current events, both nationally and internationally to stimulate lively, thought-provoking and interesting discussions amongst our classes.

All lessons taught through this curriculum, including the supporting materials are in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE).

A few highlights include:

  • Anti-bullying week – Every year we celebrate Anti-bullying week and aim to educate children about the impact of bullying on other people in association to the Anti-bullying Alliance.
  • Children’s Mental Health Week – Allocated week where we focus on the Mental Health of children through different themes, stories and activities  .
  • Jeans for Genes day- We raise money for the charity.
  • Remembrance day – Assemblies and class activities based on Remembrance Day.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) 

We employ the use of the Christopher Winter Project to teach Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) as part of our PSHE curriculum at St. Andrew’s Southgate Primary School. This is a scheme of work that includes lesson plans and teaching materials for Reception to Year 6. It builds on learning from previous years and revisits topics each year to cover them in greater depth. It includes lesson material on topics such as keeping clean, families, gender differences, personal space, puberty, relationships and many other topics. The Christopher Winter’s Project resources and lessons plans are quality-assured by the PSHE Association and the DFE to best support children along their learning journey of Relationships, Sex and Health Education.

For more information:


Our commitment to community engagement links directly with our school Vision and Values, and promotes our children as courageous advocates, going out into the wider community to make a difference to other's lives, and develop personal characteristics such as empathy, kindness and justice. We strive to strengthen the links between the school and the local community to give every child an opportunity to feel accomplished, happy and successful. As part of this process, we teach children about the importance of supporting others in order to enable the children to become responsible citizens, caring about the world that they live in and make an impact on their surroundings. Our commitment and strong links to St. Andrew’s Southgate Church have also played an instrumental role in enhancing and strengthening this ethos of the school.

Our community initiatives are as follows:

Intergenerational Project

To strengthen our community engagement and participation, St. Andrews Southgate Primary School has been taking part in the Intergenerational Linking Project called ‘We Before Me’ in partnership with Enfield Town Schools’ Partnership (ETSP). This project reduces isolation and promotes the re-bonding of communities, young and old. A key focus is to promote social action across the generations, empowering both younger and older people to have a positive impact on our community. It forms part of a national initiative called ‘Care Home Friends and Neighbours: Intergenerational Linking’ – from charities My Home Life England and The Linking Network – which is bringing young people from schools and youth organisations together with older people living in care homes across England.

Our link with Southgate Beaumont Care Home has strengthened this community connection between our pupils and elderly people. Throughout the last two years, we have undertaken ongoing visits and activities together that enhance the link between children and residents. This project has given children and older people living in care homes the opportunity to come together to share in new experiences, learning, stories and laughter. It has helped improve the children’s confidence and develop their social and leadership skills, as well as strengthen community connections.

Chips (Community Help Point Scheme)

CHiPS has been a network of ‘safe havens’ across the Borough of Enfield since 2006, where young and vulnerable people who are lost, at risk or feeling vulnerable can go in and ask for help and assistance from the community. There are around 200 help points in Enfield and St. Andrews Southgate Primary School is proud to be an active member.

Year Group ‘Out and About’ Project

To reflect our school values, each year group undertakes an ‘Out and About’ community project, with the aim to enhance and model the school values in real life. Furthermore, the projects provide the opportunity for children to develop their awareness of causes we really believe in and to make our world a better place. Some examples of this project include having a picnic with old people, having joint workshops with care home residents, writing and delivering poems to the neighbours, making Christmas shoe boxes, inviting grandparents to read stories, as well as gardening and planting in the school gardens.

Linked charities

At St. Andrew’s Southgate Primary School, each Key stage has selected a charity to support. These local charities have been chosen to reflect our passions and to support our local community. If you would like to donate, please visit the links below or donate via the school office.

The charity linked to KS1 is Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance service.

The charity linked with KS2 is 'All people All places'.


Our provision will enable children to develop their character, be resilient and take their place as global citizens capable of making a meaningful and positive impact in their lives and the lives of others.

“Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your Lord” Micah 6.8

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