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Art & Design


At St. Andrew’s we aim to develop children's knowledge and understanding of various artists, art styles and provide opportunities for using a wide range of media. Children are also able to develop their different techniques and styles through a variety of topics. Our National Curriculum for Art and Design will give children the confidence to experiment, invent and create their own works of art.

Children will tackle all activities with a sense of achievement and will be encouraged to ask and answer questions to enhance their curiosity in the subject. Their skills will be applied both inside and outside of the classroom alongside using their ICT skills to develop different perspectives of Art and Design.


Planning for the full integration of Art and Design within the school is a process in which all teachers are involved. Teachers use their skills and knowledge to teach art with a cross curricular approach which enables them to build on their class art portfolio. Once a term each class is given the opportunity to be taught Art for a full day by two Art specialists within our school. The class teacher plans the lesson based on their topic for the term alongside support from the Art lead who encourages teachers to apply their knowledge to the plans.

The Art lead meets with teachers every half term to discuss the art work that may have been produced through cross curricula opportunities and builds a year group portfolio to showcase the work of the children. This allows the teacher and the lead to work closely together to gain a mutual understanding as to how Art is widely taught across all subjects.

Through a variety of events throughout the year children are able to present and promote their skills in which parents have the opportunity to see their child’s work and purchase their work at an internal Art exhibition. This is a great way for children to feel their work has been appreciated and admired.

Alongside a yearly Art exhibition throughout the year, the children participate in an ‘Art week’ which is linked to a theme across the school. This provides a wonderful atmosphere across the school as all children are exploring their skills in creativity. The work that is produced is showcased through exciting displays through the corridors of our school which enhances the welcoming to our school.

A staff meeting, arranged according to the monitoring cycle and led by the Art and Design co-ordinator, is used to discuss the integration of Art and Design within the curriculum and ensure consistency of approach and to develop a selection of appropriate Art and Design activities in coherence to the National curriculum.

Formative assessment is used to guide the progress of individual pupils in Art and Design. It involves identifying each child's progress, determining what each child has learned and what therefore should be the next stage in his/her learning. Formative assessment is mostly carried out informally by teachers in the course of their teaching. Records of progress are kept by the subject leader using an art portfolio dated and annotated with teacher comments. This work is collected once a term. Whilst the art specialists have their full day of teaching in each year group, the Art lead will informally monitor progress, understanding and child engagement.


Children are expected to:

  • Grow in resilience and independence through Art lessons.
  • Build their character through opportunities to be creative and experiment.
  • Become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.
  • Be able to evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design and know about great artists, craft makers and designers.
  • Understand the historical and global development of art forms.

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