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'Do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God' Micah 6 : 8

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Year 5 Forest School Update

This week children were curious to learn about an older tree in the park so we went the long way to the forest and visited the Cecile Oak of around 400 years old. We then learned some safety tips before wading in the water, which was deep today with all the recent rain.


After setting down at base camp, children led their own activities with the equipment which had been brought with us - bird spotter sheets, tarps, ropes and string. Collaboration within this group has changed dramatically as of late and there is more purpose in their play than ever before.


Back at school, we built our ‘perfect forest’ in groups, complete with little bark bridges, wells of water (lakes) and some even made homes for the insects.


Popcorn and pears were enjoyed at the fireside and we planned together our final forest school session for next week.


A great way to continue learning at home would be to watch the birds in the park or in your garden. You could even fill out the RSPB survey (before 17th Feb) to record what you see, along with many schools around the country.