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Year 2 Ice Cream Sale - Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th May

With the help of the PTA, year 2 will be holding an ice cream sundae sale on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th May at 3.30pm in the main playground.  Year 2 have been putting their literacy, art and design skills to good practical use, creating their own marketing campaign to advertise the event to their fellow pupils. They have been hard at work applying their persuasive writing skills to come up with some truly tempting and eye catching posters and slogans! They shall then be using their mathematical skills to count the takings and hopefully reveal a very tasty profit!


All monies raised from this event will go towards the cost of their forthcoming trip to Capel Manor. This term year 2 have been very busy learning about plants, learning how seeds grow and the conditions needed for healthy growth. They have really engaged with this topic and are excited to be  be completing their topic on plants with a visit to see the magnificent gardens at Capel Manor.


Thank you for your support!