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Marathon Kids

This year we are delighted to be able to offer our pupils the opportunity to participate in Marathon Kids. Marathon Kids is an exciting programme from Kids Run Free, which gives primary school children the opportunity to run or walk the distance of up to four marathons throughout the school year.


The aim of the programme is to inspire and empower children of all fitness levels and abilities to set and achieve goals. Running offers a range of health benefits and requires little to no equipment. Running the equivalent of a marathon is recognised by all as a huge achievement.


Children will be able to record all their laps performed here at school on our designated and approved circuit. Children will have the opportunity to participate during the lunch hour on set days and have their laps formally recorded. Children who attend the extended club on Thursdays (circuit training) will also have the opportunity to use this session to record their laps.


To ensure that even those that do not sign up for this programme are also encouraged to increase levels of activity during the normal school day, class teachers will  be including an activity, during class times, which participating children can also use towards their laps.


We hope that children will really be inspired by this programme. The benefits of increased activity on children’s physical and mental health are well known as too the positive effects on concentration.


Should your child wish to participate, please complete the permission slip which you can download by clicking here and return to the School Office – via your child’s class teacher, as soon as possible.