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Forest School Update Year 5

Leaf piles and shelters were the flavour of the day in Be Free Forest School at St Andrews on Tuesday.


Year 5 threw themselves into exploring the forest at Grovelands, burying each other in leaves and climbing trees. The flora and fauna above and below us revealed itself as soon as we arrived and became quiet, with ring-necked parakeets and a greater spotted woodpecker flittering in the oak trees above us. The children were enthralled.


Once back at school we spent the session building shelters, whittling Elder beads, playing trust games and rigging a pulley system in the trees. Once again we had beautiful weather! My pedometer said I’d covered nearly 7 miles by the end of the day, I wouldn’t be surprised if the children had covered more ground than I.


You can count on an early night each week on Tuesday year 5 parents!