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Forest School Update - Year 4

At Be Free Forest School last week, children were drawn to a den found in the woods, wondering who had left it there. It led quickly to a mass construction of dens for the endangered hedgehogs. Children swiftly constructed fox-proof hedgehog homes with mossy carpets, insulated bark roofs, complete with woodlouse snacks for our spikey friends. Children have become keen bird spotters now so do ask them about their Harry Potter spells for the trees!


The afternoon was just as fun. It rained, but wet play in Forest School is character building and memory making. After some mindfulness meditation under our tarp tent, we had brilliant collaboration, harvesting rain water to make the PERFECT muddy consistency for mud... cakes, burgers, pies, houses.. We also had a good muddy dance in the rain while others worked on their web building.


Year 4 have grown such a lot in confidence to express themselves and try new things, resilience through finding a way to make things work, trying hard. Plus they’ve all walked at least 5 miles with 5 hours outdoors exercise today! Exactly what the Education secretary ordered according to the papers last week.