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Fig Trees for Sale!

Angelou's fig trees have been generously gifted to the school by the Antoniou family. These special little trees have a fascinating history. The origins of this particular fig stretch back over 50 years when the original plant travelled to the UK from Sicily. In 1990 cuttings were taken from this tree by Angelou Zoungrou, a Cypriot farmer who moved to the UK. Yearning for the beautiful figs she enjoyed in her homeland, Angelou grafted the original plant to try to create a variety of fig that would produce the sweetest fruit in the UK’s less hospitable  climate. After 20 years of trial and error, today’s tree brings together all the flavours of the plant’s rich Mediterranean heritage. Angelou sadly passed away aged 95 in 2012, however her memory and rare horticultural skills live on in these amazing fig trees and in the delicious fruit that they will soon bear.


We have 36 of these trees to sell. We have 6 small plants to sell at £5.00, 11 medium trees at £7.00 and 19 large trees at £9.00. 


If you would like to purchase one of these trees, please purchase via your child's ParentPay account. All proceeds from the sale of these wonderful trees will go towards school projects.