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Behaviour Policy

"You can't teach children to behave better by making them feel worse. When children feel better they behave better."    Pam Leo


Individual behaviour is a personal response to our inner feelings.  It reflects our ease or unease in social situations and is also affected by how other people respond to us.

Good behaviour is dependent upon appreciating the importance of social values and rules which enable us all to co-exist amicably.

In order to behave well children need to acquire the knowledge and skills to behave appropriately in different situations.  They require opportunities to reflect upon and practise good behaviour and have good examples to follow.

For most children the foundations of learning good behaviour begins at home.  It is therefore important that the school, parents and the child are equally involved and take responsibility for maintaining good behaviour.

At St Andrew's Southgate we believe that children's good behaviour can be nurtured through modelling it ourselves and celebrating it when it occurs. We deal with any inappropriate behaviour incidents with the processes of reflection, reconciliation and redemption. We are very proud of the exemplary behaviour of our children and how they live out our six Christian values; peace, thankfulness, compassion, justice, stewardship and service.

You can read the full behaviour policy below.