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Attendance Policy


The staff and governors of St Andrew’’s School strongly believe that good attendance is imperative for a good education. Although excellent attendance is a strength at St Andrew’s it is essential that this is maintained. From the moment that a child joins St Andrew’s School the parents are encouraged to ensure that attendance and punctuality are excellent.

Roles and Responsibilities

Every member of staff has the responsibility to ensure that the children are happy in school and therefore keen to attend every day. Should this not be the case then support should be provided in a sensitive and co-operative way working with parents and carers.


  • Has overall responsibility for attendance.
  • Ensures that parents understand how important good attendance and time-keeping is for their child’s education.
  • Monitors attendance and follows up any unexplained or persistent absence.
  • Liaises with parents and outside agencies if persistent or unusual patterns of attendance emerge.
  • Provides support for any children/families that are experiencing difficulties.
  • Has the sole responsibility for authorising absences unless the deputy head teacher is covering in her absence.
  • Sets targets for excellent attendance and reports on these to the governors, school improvement partner, local authority and department for education.
  • Monitors requests for absence and absences caused by sickness.
  • Liaises with the educational welfare officer (EWO) about any children causing concern.


  • As part of the home-school agreement parents should ensure that their children have excellent attendance at school and are punctual.
  • A phone call reporting the first day of absence should be made and then a follow up letter at the return of the child to school.
  • Holidays should not be taken in term time and parents should take every measure to avoid this. In very exceptional circumstances parents should make a written request to the head teacher who will then use her discretion in whether or not absence can be granted.
  • Written permission should be sought from the head teacher as authorisation of any absence.
  • Parents of any Years 6 & 5 children who are walking to school on their own must inform the head teacher so that the school can monitor their safe arrival.

Office Staff

  • Oversees the daily arrangements for the correct completion of registers and signing in of pupils who are late arriving for school.
  • Manages the electronic system and data collection for absence.
  • Alerts the head teacher to any pupils causing concern or any persistent late-comers.
  • Ensures that reasons for absence are recorded and reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Informs teachers of absences that have been reported by phone.
  • Produces absence reports as and when require.


  • Fulfil all statutory requirements for attendance.
  • Appoint lead governor for attendance.
  • Make regular reports on attendance, through the head teacher, to the governing body.
  • Approve and update the attendance policy.
  • Ensure that attendance targets are challenging.

School improvement advisor

  • Sets targets for attendance and monitor during meetings with head teacher.
  • Challenges the school if attendance falls.
  • Monitors the impact of local authority support and intervention if relevant.

Education welfare service

  • Supports the school with any issues that may arise with attendance.
  • Follows up any cases of persistent absence where parents are not working with the school to meet expectations of attendance.
  • Meets regularly with the administrative officer to ensure that any problems are identified and dealt with promptly and appropriately.
  • Fulfils duty of care by safeguarding children in line with statutory regulation.
  • Liaises with families should the need arise.


  • All children should be on the school premises for the start of day at 8.50 am (KS2) and 9.00am (Reception and KS1). The gate then closes and any latecomers should report to the school office and be signed into the late book by a parent or carer.
  • Parents are asked to phone in on the first day of absence and then follow this up with a letter when the child returns to school.
  • Children should not return for 48 hours after the cessation of diarrhoea and sickness.
  • Absences for any other purpose than sickness or medical/ dental appointments must be authorised in writing or by e-mail by the head teacher.
  • Staff will work closely and in a supportive manner with any family experiencing difficulties.
  • Support will be provided for any child who is reluctant to come into school for any reason so that any concerns can be addressed sensitively and swiftly.
  • Year 6 & 5 teachers should monitor the safe arrival of any children who walk to school on their own.