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Year 2 St Teresa

Traction Man comes to play...

Washing our dishes

To go in conjunction with the year 2 English topic based around the Traction Man book by Mini Grey, the children took part in the task of washing up some dishes to assist them in gathering ideas for their own Traction Man story. The basins had various dishes and kitchen items put in them along with some other things that one might find when doing the dishes. The children then felt about in the basins of what all the items were like, and got cold hands in the process. This helped the children gather a fantastic new word bank for the fabulous stories thay began creating.

Mini-Beasts and Micro-Beasts

Science Investigation

This week the year 2 class enjoyed the beginning of this terms science topic by letting out their inner Indianna Jones and David Attenborough to explore the St Andrews playgound and outside areas in search of mini-beasts and their micro-habitats. The children are very excited to learn more about these strange and interesting tiny creatures. 

We will keep you updated on the terrific adventures the children have as they discover more about the world around us.

Year 2 - Kandinsky Art Exhibition at Heritage Coffee Shop in Southgate

Year 2 - Kandinsky Art Exhibition at Heritage Coffee Shop in Southgate 1

Welcome to Year 2 St Teresa Class!

15 March 2018


Today has been very Eggciting... the children took part in the 1st ever St Andrew's Egg Drop competition and we saw some amazing entries from across the whole school. But we think year 2 had the best ideas and designs. Of all the eggs that the year 2 class bought in we only had two eggs with  injuries who could not complete further in the competition. 

All in all it was a very Eggcellent day.

Here are some of the creative designs from some of the year two children.


14 March 2018


As Science week continues, the children had a wonderful afternoon across key stage 1 taking part in different experiments. In year two Mrs Rahman led the children through an experiment called colour symphony. In this experiment we had milk on a plate to which we added food colouring. We then used a cotton bud dipped in fairy liquid and observed how the colours moved around in the milk. This movement was caused by the soap and the fat in the milk working together to disperse the colour around the plate.  


The children had a fun filled maths lesson exploring fractions. They used apples to demonstrate what a half, quarter, three quarters and whole look like. These are the key objective for fractions in the year two curriculum.



12 March 2018


Today the children began Science week, Year 2 had a fun afternoon conducting the Walking the Water experiment.

The experiment was to see how coloured water would travel from one cup and into an empty cup and what would happen?

The children made good predictions as to what may happen and they all used fantastic scientific language.



Last week was very exciting for the children! To begin the week we celebrated world book day, it was a fantastic day and the children made a terrific effort dressing up in their 'classical fairy tale' character.

We're still trying to figure out who was the 'real' little red riding hood?

Each class was split up for the day to work with a different teacher and each class consisted of children from reception through to Y6, it was lovely to watch the older children working and helping the younger ones.

The children also made Ginger Bread and Candy houses to tie in with Mrs Rahman's classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.



The children were learning about instructions in English. Part of their learning was to follow a set of instructions. For this the class worked together to make bread rolls.

The children collected and mixed the ingredients,  then left the dough to prove and rise before forming their own individual roll that went off to bake. The children enjoyed eating their creations most of all.



And the most exciting part of the week for the children was the SNOW!

We would like to say well done to all the children for making it in everyday, we did have great fun.


During our topic lessons, we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about some truly amazing historical events.


In the Autumn term, we explored the events of the Great Fire of London and investigated how our city today has been reshaped by the lessons learnt from the disaster of 1666.


The children have had an awesome time exploring literacy with John every Monday through stories and roll play, being able to watch the children's confidences grow and their individual ideas developed has truly been inspirational and we're sure that the children have kept you well informed of the fun they've been having. The story writing has been fabulous.


In maths the children have been learning the four operations through varied investigations and word problems.


We have also studied the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, including line symmetry. They have solved and investigated by choosing and using the correct forms of measurement. The children have been very enthusiastic about telling the time using their watches. This has supported and excited them in learning to tell the time on a daily basis, all members of staff and other supporting adults are often heard asking time related questions to help the understanding . 

Our journey through science this term began with the learning about the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival. The children explored how we need water, food and air to live and that all living things need the same. We furthered our knowledge investigating the different stages of life of butterflies, frogs and humans.

The second half of the Autumn term the children learnt about the importance of a healthy life style. 

We also learnt about hygiene and why it's important to keep our bodies clean.

The class were fortunate to have, Mrs Turner, a dental hygienist who explained to the children the importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. 

Each child was given a dental pack which included a tooth brush, tooth paste and a tooth brushing chart.


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