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Assembly - Wednesday 14th November 2018

During the whole school assembly on Wednesday 14th November we spoke to all pupils about those in our school community who have special needs.


As an inclusive school, we welcome children who have a range of differing needs. It is an important part of our school ethos that we celebrate difference and provide help, support and compassion to those around us.


We are mindful that children may not always understand the needs of others, especially when those needs may be complex and  different to our own. During today's assembly, we have looked at how some children have different needs and how we, as part of a school community, can work together to ensure that our ethos of inclusivity is reflected in our day-to-day interactions and school life here at St Andrew's Southgate.


We hope that children enjoyed the assembly. Staff here are always on hand to deal with any further questions that may arise, however, as always, we welcome parental support in helping children to appreciate and value the uniqueness of every single pupil here at St Andrew's Southgate.